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Specimen Radiology and Tomosynthesis


Specimen digital radiography and tomosynthesis systems from Kubtec are intended for use in clinical applications, pathology, non destructive testing (NDT) and research applications. 2D and 3D images are now at your finger tips.


XPERT mobile X-ray cabinet series
XPERT Series Specimen Digital Radiography

Intra-operative specimen digital radiography equipment from Kubtec ensures highest clinical treatment levels and patient comfort, while enabling staff to easily and seamlessly conduct specimen analysis of breast tissue and biopsies.

Pathology technicians are able to review results immediately, within the vicinity of the autopsy room. User friendly interfaces and immediate imaging enable self-riembursment via shortened procedure times without compromising on the quality of care. Scientific and forensic research is easily enabled with the XPERT mobile X-ray series offering detectors in varying sizes from 2"x2" to 17"x17".

Neonatal low dose X-ray device
Neonatal Low-Dose Radiography

Kubtec Kub-250 low dose systems, which are designed for neonatal radiography enable improvement on patient safety in NICU. Despite the need to conduct radiographic imaging, the infants are exposed to a minimal level of radiation. There is no compromise on quality of analysis despite the low dose rates. 

Digital imaging technologies enable for immediate comprehensive analysis and high level of result documentation. Data search and follow-up can be easily conducted.

Kubtec X-veyor 150 is a conveyor equipped mobile digital X-ray system with various tunnel and detector sizes. This system is especially suited for in-line and inspection of batches, hence it is well suited for quality control application in the production line. With its mobility, it enables changes in its placement, for maintaining a customized inspection routine.

Conveyorized digital X-ray system
X-veyor 150
Conveyorized Digital X-ray System
Mozart tomosynthesis cabinet
MOZART with Tomospec
Specimen 2D and 3D Tomosynthesis

Tomosynthesis has never been easier. With Mozart, you do not have to move the specimen in order to review it from various angles. A special algorithm enables a comprehensive image of all the different angles/layers of the image, thus revealing the smallest details. 

Breast cancer that is not visible with regular radiography may very well be detected by Mozart and its Tomospec technology. Excellent quality 2D and 3D imaging results are now at the surgeon's fingertips, right outside the surgery room.

Kubtec Kubscan CR is a portable computerized radiography unit suited for research and testing. With this environmentally friendly image plate based system radiologists easily convert from X-ray film use to an innovative digital format, avoiding the inconvenient use of chemicals for film development while enjoying the benefits of a full digital imaging enhancement software suite. Images are easily stored and viewed. High contrast/ high resolution images are available up to 14" wide. The move to using phosphor image plates is an upgrade to digital X-ray with a minimal investment. The user interface is friendly and DICOM compliant. 

Portable computerized radiography scanner
KUBscan CR
Computerized Radiography System

Kubtec Digimus high resolution digital X-ray system enables the automatic acquisition of images and calculation of BMD values in mice, while regulating and minimizing the X-ray dose to the animals. The digital images are taken with ease, using automatic calibration sequences and can be normalized and compared with traditional BMD results.

Mouse BMD system
Mouse BMD System
XTEND portable X-ray source with cart and arm
Kubtec XTEND
Portable X-ray Source
Potable X-ray sources from Kubtec are compact and truly mobile high frequency sources. The sources are lightweigt, and can be easily setup anywhere to provide X-ray radiation with the highest "power-to-weight" ratio available.
Clinical Specimen Radiography
Pathology & Forensics
Neonatal Imaging
Scientific Research
NDT & Quality Control
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