Second Hand NDT Products

X-ray Cabinet

VJ Realtime Cabinet w/130kV Microfocus, 6”and Image Processor
160kV Lazy Susan Radiographic Cabinet
225kV X-Ray Cabinet w/Stand (69”H x 60”W x 61”D) Stand (29.5”H)
IRT 160 Realtime  w/Kevax130,9 II, IPX image processor
Pantak 320kV Modular Vault
160kV Cabinet w/Pneumatic Door and Manual Tube Mount
Faxitron 120kV X-ray system 
T2015 Faxitron 120Kv.JPG
T2015 Faxitron 120Kv close.JPG
Torrex 120kV 24" cabinet
Torrex 120kV 24 cabinet.JPG
Fein Focus Realtime Cabinet


  • Fein Focus X-Ray Cabinet w/Pneumatic Lead Glass Part Door Motion:

  • X, Y, Z, Tilt and Rotate w/Turntable

  • Motion Detector Z Axis

  • PC w/Imaging and cabinet control software

X-ray Tube


GE Isovolt Titan

E160 System with 160kV Tube

T1442 Isovolt.jpg

GE Isovolt Titan E 160 System w/Varian Tube

T1818 GE Isovolt Titan E 160.JPG

Philips MCN167 Directional 160kV Mini Focus (0.2mm, 3.0mm Focal Spots)

T1489 Philips MCN 167.JPG

Comet MXR225/01 Single Focal Spot

X-Ray Tube

T1737 Comet MXR22501 SFS.JPG

Portable DR / CR Systems 

Karl Storz Technopack II pal Endoscope (810043020)
Technopack II.JPG
UV Fiberscope
8mm Dia x 185cm Long w/Lightguide – 4 Way Articulation
machida 8mm flexible borescope.JPG
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