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The Thermapp HZ camera along with the Smart-phone App turns a mobile device into a high-end Night vision Camera. The sensitive, high resolution sensor allows seeing targets from afar, in total darkness and thanks to a high frame rate, this Camera allows seeing even fast moving targets without blur. Download Brochure Here.

ThermApp HZ: Night Vision Camera for Smartphones  


ThermApp HZ is an innovative Thermal Camera which turns any Smart-phone into a high end Night Vision Camera for a variety of applications.



So Where is the Technological Twist?


Just attach the Thermapp to your Android Smart-phone and you can start searching your targets right away. Applying digital zoom and using multiple color palettes are easy to adjust with just a simple finger gesture. Taking still-images, Video and sound recording as well as live streaming from the field to anywhere in the world is done effortlessly.


The device is CE and FCC certified.


Thermapp Hz pic
Thermapp pic1
Thermapp Hz 2
Thermapp Hz 1

Variety of Lenses to match your needs:

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