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Ultrasound for Physiotherapy


RTUTec brings forward new technologies and concepts in the field of physiotherapeutic diagnosis, monitoring and treatment equipment. Cutting edge ultrasonic, radio-frequency based and thermographic devices enable rehabilitation and sports therapists to ease patient pain on a whole new level. 


Low frequency acoustic waves generator is suitable for treatment of various medical indications, among which are muscular traumatology, sprains and contractions, calcific tendinitis, tendinopathy, muscular and bone calcifications, calcific metaplasia, osteitis pubis, bursitis, epicondylitis and medical epicondylitis, platar fasciitis, bone spurs and calcaneal, talalgia, muscular drainage and cool-down, hematoma and edemas. Thermal cameras are becoming more popular in rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy, for diagnosing and locating sources of inflammation and pain based on the different temperatures manifested in various parts of our body. Thermographic analysis and documentation of patient history using thermal cameras enables monitoring of localized conditions and assessing the effect of the treatment on the patients recovery. This innovative approach to ultrasonic and radio-frequency treatment and thermographic analysis has brought pain relief to many patients.  


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Ultrasonic treatment is based on analgesic, anti-dematus myorelaxant fibrolytic sclerolytic action.  Treatment includes mechanical, thermal and non-thermal (cavitational)  as well as shock-wave effects. The innovative technology can work without a passive plate and has a range of versatile hand probes, which can be customized. The units feature an ergonomic design and an intuitive touch screen user interface. The units are portable and robust, made with anti-shock ABS.


Thermal cameras, which provide highest image resolution with various color scales are now available with an application that enables direct mounting onto a smart-phone. The device is capable of measuring area temperatures with high precision levels. There is no longer a need for expensive high-end cameras in order to achieve comprehensive thermographic analysis for therapeutic purposes.

Detecting technologies for physiotherapy treating
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