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XPERT Series for Specimen Radiography


XPERT Digital X-ray cabinet systems come in various detector sizes and X-ray source energy levels. This variety enables tailoring a specimen digital radiography solution to various clinical and pathology applications.

XPERT 160 large size X-ray cabinet


Analog and digital mobile X-ray cabinet system for applications in science, research and industry. The XPERT 160 is a truly mobile and self contained cabinet system and it offers medical high quality imaging and ease of use combined with various detector sizes including large area detectors. 

XPERT 80/ 80-L largest detector mobile X-ray cabinet
XPERT 80/ 80-L


Largest digital radiography detector available in a portable X-ray cabinet for clinical and pathological use. With a detector size of 43cmX43cm (17"X17"), the XPERT 80 or XPERT80-L system is especially suited for examination of large specimens.

XPERT40 mobile intra-operative specimen radiology unit


The XPERT 40 digital X-ray cabinet is especially designed for stereotactic cores and intra-operative radiographic imaging of excised breast cancer tissue. The system can also be used for examination of pathology specimens and wax blocks. The system offers an especially compact, shielded cabinet, which is easy to place in the vicinity of the operating room.

XPERT 20 biopsy specimen radiology compact portable unit


The XPERT 20 super compact and mobile digital X-ray cabinet from Kubtec is designed for examination of small samples, and especially for stereotactic cores in the biopsy suite. The system is available for clinical and non clinical application, with a cart or as a table top version.   

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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