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Scientific and Specimen Research Testing


RTUTec specializes in providing solutions that are especially designed for the needs of various specimen imaging and bio-science research requirements. Innovative equipment can simplify the testing procedures.


As modern technologies change the world we live in, scientists have to keep up by thinking out of the box, creating new research methodologies, following new research ideas and utilizing top notch research tools.  The more aware the world becomes of the scope of research, the higher the demands from the scientists regarding effective budgeting, operations efficiency and for enhanced animal care. Innovative technologies and testing equipment help resolve the complex issues scientific research faces today.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Compact mobile X-ray cabinets can enable specimen radiology and bio-science research even in small facilities due to a relatively small footprint and a range of detector/system sizes. The systems provide excellent high contrast, high resolution images with short imaging times and automatic exposure control. Animal care is further enhanced by integrated anesthesia ports and specimen handling devices. Optical cameras enable viewing and comparing X-ray and regular images at the same time for additional information.  The systems are compliant with USA and international radiation safety regulations. 


Thermogaphic devices provide insights for research with no use of radiation. High resolution thermographic measurement just got easier with devices that integrate into your smart-phone for easy recording and sharing of data. High quality images, modular design and low power make these devices even simpler to use. A proprietary analysis software allows for comprehensive results.

Detecting technologies for scientific research
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