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NICU Imaging - Low Dose X-ray 


RTUTec provides innovative solutions for neonatal care. The NICU staff can finally enjoy designated equipment that ensures low dose levels, easy operation and enhanced care level, giving their little patients a better start in life. 


When it comes to caring for premature newborns its a most delicate business. Nursing staff need to carefully care for each little infant, Yet these tiny patients are exposed to a multitude of tests in order to facilitate their care. X-ray testing is no exception and it is conducted with high frequency in the NICU. RTUTec provides NICU staff with a designated digital X-ray solution that was especially developed and designed to answer to the specific challenges of neonatal care.


One dose level does not fit all! A reduced X-ray dose level is imperative to improved clinical outcomes for the tiny NICU patients. With a designated system located in the NICU, there is no need to worry about cross contamination. The system's proximity to the babies ensures an improved work-flow and pediatricians can combine informed decisions with operational efficiency.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Digital radiography systems designated for neonatal care are designed to fulfill their purpose. The detector slides directly into the incubator slot, so that the baby need not be moved. Dose levels are significantly decreased compared to regular X-ray, so that patient and staff safety is enhanced. The system remains in the NICU and is easily moved around due to its light structure and small footprint. The image is of the highest quality and can seamlessly be transfered to PACS with or without annotations due to a DICOM compliant software. The system operates on a battery charge for the duration of a whole day. 

Detecting technologies for the NICU-neonatal intensive care unit
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