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Innovations for Clinical Treatment.


RTUTec is focused on enabling clinical and para-medical institutions to improve treatment levels and patient care, while maintaining reasonable operations cost via new and innovative products and technologies.

Clinical and Hospital Equipment
Clinical diagnosis

New technology is helping improve the level of patient clinical care while saving operation costs due to automation and increased efficiency. Patient comfort and safety is no longer compromised during treatment. Follow up after treatment is easy to conduct using innovative digital recording techniques.
Digital tools are enabling faster yet more comprehensive analysis, providing doctors with detailed data and allowing for informed decision making. Whether for excised breast cancer tissue specimen or for upgrading an autopsy lab, modern inspection equipment is key to enhanced care.

Paramedical Treatment
Para medical treatment

Innovative technological devices are changing the face of para-medical treatment as various health care concepts are translated into innovative devices. Technology is harnessed to improve patient care and treating methods.


New devices from other industries bring new possibilities into the field of health care and paramedical treatment, thus improving the quality and variety of treatment methods available.

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