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Intra-Operative Breast Cancer Excised Tissue and Biopsy Specimen Imaging


RTUTec provides innovative equipment for specimen radiology of biopsies and excised tissue. Breast cancer patients can now expect enhanced care and safety, with the newest technologies for analysis during operation. Hospitals can offer better care while improving operations throughput and reducing cost.


In the era of 2D and 3D digital radiography and thomosynthesis of excised breast tissue specimens and core biopsies, surgeons can be assured of providing the best care for their patients and basing their decisions on results, which are available to them in real-time, during operation. Hospital administrators witness the improvement of the institute's and surgeon's reputation without increased radiology costs. A comprehensive analysis of the specimens and confirmation of smaller margins, ensure removal of vague mammographic findings resulting in reduced call back rates and enhanced safety for patients. Specimen analysis is intra-operative, conducted within the vicinity of the operation room and no time is lost on specimen transport. Specimen integrity is reserved and the risk of contamination is reduced.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

What is good for the inspection of patients is surely also beneficial when inspecting tissue specimens.3D tomosythesis based on digital X-ray imaging is at the top of specimen radiology technology today. Compact digital X-ray systems are available in various sizes for varied specimen radiology purposes. The price range guarantees a suitable technological solution for every budget. Special ports enable automatic specimen handling and various tests with no human touch. An optical camera provides an extra layer of visual information for comprehensive analysis together with cutting edge software tools. Multiple images and annotations are sent to PACS with a click of a button for fast efficient documentation. At last the breast cancer surgery units can finally afford its own specimen radiology unit. 

Detecting technologies for breast cancer specimen imaging
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