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Conveyorized Digital X-ray cabinet

X-veyor 150


The X-veyor 150 system from Kubtec is a mobile X-ray system with an integrated conveyor. The units is easily deployed in any location, with a standard AC connection.

The cabinet is self contained and shielded, compliant with international and U.S Federal and Sate radiation safety regulations. The conveyor tunnel size is adjustable.


The X-veyor is especially designed for in-line batch imaging applications in the agriculture or industrial fields.  Production control of casting, automotive components, electronic parts or bio-science imaging can all be conducted easily with this unit. The high resolution images are digitally archived and are easily analyzed, documented and shared in various formats.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


The X-veyor is the first time ever conveyor equipped mobile system on wheels. The detector and tunnel sizes can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Images are high resolution and high quality.


The system is equipped with:


  • Digital linear high resolution detector

  • 50kV X-ray source

  • 19″ flat panel monitor



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* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Images Copyright  © 2015 KUB Technologies, Inc. of which RTUTec is a distributor

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