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Portable X-ray Sources for Field Use


RTUTec offers truly portable X-ray sources that are field ready. Generate X-ray in any location for various radiographic testing and clinical applications.


XTEND portable X-ray source with cart and arm
Kubtec XTEND
Portable X-ray Source

The XTEND X-ray source is a portable high-frequency source that is lightweight and extremely maneuverable. Its special structure combined with its energy levels, makes it the lightest source in it's output category, offering the highest "power-to-weight" ratio in the industry.


XTEND is truly portable and it can be used anywhere. It is easy to maneuver, with or without its arm, and it integrates with all the Kubtec mobile X-ray cabinets, CR scanners, digital Digiview detectors. It is also compatible for imaging with film.


Automatic control of energy and dose enables maintaining a true kV value, even when electrical impedance may cause a drop in voltage. The XTEND supports eight memory settings. 

So Where is the Technological Twist?


XTEND is a versatile and mobile lightweight X-ray source that provides radiographers with X-ray energy at any location for a wide range of applications and is compatible with testing, research and clinical requirements, even for extreme neonatal care.



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Tech Spec: XTEND


30mA / 40 – 66kV / 0.3-20mAs

20mA / 68 – 100kV / 0.3-20mAs

100% duty cycle 


kV Setting: 40-100kV (2kV step) 

mAs Selection: 0.3-50mAs (32 settings)

Rotary switch for digital display with 7 segment LED


Focal Spot: 1.2 x 1.2 mm

Heat Unit: 20 KHU

Target Angle: 16 degrees


Power: AC100 – 120V / 15A or AC200 – 240V / 10A

Total Filtration: 2.5mm AL equivalent at 100kV


Dimensions:  16.1(w) X 29.1(d) X 16(h) cm (6.33″X11.45″X6.29”) 

Weight: 8.8 KG (19.4 lbs)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NDT & Quality Control
XTEND cart and arm for portable X-ray source
XTEND portable X-ray source easy packaging and transport

Images Copyright  © 2015 KUB Technologies, Inc. of which RTUTec is a distributor

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