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Quality Control NDT of Electrical & Mechanical Components and Printed Circuits


RTUTec provides innovative testing tool for quality control of the smallest parts on the spot in the production line. Tiniest details are detected with ease. 


When producing parts of the smallest size, such as printed circuits for the electronics industry or tiny parts for mechanical items, quality control of the highest level is key to successful production. X-ray is an established testing tool for quality in this specialized industry. Mobile X-ray cabinets allow for batch testing of parts for extra consistency and uniformity in production. The digital X-ray image enables detection of the smallest detail, so that even the tiniest of defects can be determined. the results are available on the screen in real-time and the mobile testing cabinet can be located in any part of the production space. This means that testing mistakes can be significantly reduced as the defective part is easily located and removed from the production line. The quality testing zone is constantly monitored for radiation levels with innovative dose measuring equipment, allowing for the highest standards in safety.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Innovative X-ray imaging capabiliites enable quality control of the smallest items. Tiny hairline defects can be easily detected and the testing procedures standardized. 16 bit images and software tools enable zooming for the clear visualization of the smallest details, without digitization, for precise quality control. Image enhancement tools help quality controllers determine the exact defect by providing an additional layer of clarity. The exact imaging procedure for a particular quality test can be recorded and repeated for similar batches. Digital images can be compared to previous images from the database for comprehensive quality analysis.  Records are easily created and shared, in an environmentally friendly digital storage format.

Detecting technologies for production quality control
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