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Concrete Scanning and Testing Systems


RTUTec provides a complete arsenal of cutting-edge concrete testing systems utilizing various technologies. The Devices offer precise location, thickness measurements and identification of structural items embedded in concrete.


Perma2 RCPT
Portable Digital Radiography

StructureScan Mini LT

This device is an entry level all-in-one GPR system for concrete inspection. This handheld system, based on the popular StructureScan Mini, is designed for basic scanning needs on a budget.  The Mini LT locates rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, voids and can be used to determine concrete slab thickness in real-time. The Mini LT Advantage The StructureScan Mini LT safely locates metallic and non-metallic targets in concrete structures to a depth of up to 50 cm (20 inches). This system can also be used to inspect bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels, balconies and garages. Download product Catalog here.


The iPile™ allows testing of cast-in-place concrete piles and drilled shafts. The device allows you to test for multiple flaws & unknown factors such as the length of piles, voids and defects in piles & changes in pile cross-sections. Main applications:

  • Evaluating Continuity of Piles

  • Testing Consistency of Pile Materials

  • Evaluating Physical Dimensions

The Device uses the sonic-echo method to evaluate piles & foundations. The testing process is completed in three simple steps. Download product Catalog here.

Portable Digital Radiography Systems
Digital Radiography systems allow to visually see features embedded in Concrete and allows accurate identification and measurement of rebars, plastic conduits, cables and defects, to name a few.  The system is battery operated, fully wireless, rugged and extremely simple to use. For more details contact us here.

Concrete Thickness Measurements
The CTG-2 is a hand-held, battery powered, nondestructive system for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs, pavements, tunnel linings, walls and other plate-like structures using the Impact Echo principle. Download product Catalog here.

Concrete roads and bridges
Concrete buildings and construction
Concrete chimneys
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