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Forensics, Testing in the Forensic Lab


RTUTec specializes in small foot print, portable and mobile inspection equipment that can be operated in any location and under varied conditions. For forensics experts, these capabilities make all the difference.


From the CSI investigator in the field, to the pathologist in the lab. From medical examiners to anthropological forensics experts. Gathering and inspecting evidence without contaminating it is key to a successful forensic analysis. RTUTec specializes in providing testing and inspection equipment that is truly mobile and with a small foot print, for easy utilization even in small premises. Our digital X-ray systems and portable X-ray sources will enable the detection of pre-existing skeletal trauma, assess burned items to assist in arson detection and help forensic examiners see beyond the surface of inspected items. In a field where comprehensive analysis is imperative and mistakes are not tolerated, innovative tools provide a whole new range of analysis solutions


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Our digital radiography systems offer true portability and wireless communication methods, which assist in reducing the footprint of our equipment to a minimum. No laid wiring on the floor of the actual crime scene, thus minimizing the risk of contamination from the equipment. Our portable X-ray sources enable radiographic testing in complex conditions. Results are available on the spot for comprehensive evidence collection. Our thermal cameras connect directly to your smart-phone and provide on site high resolution thermographic images and software analysis tools. From the field, into the lab - our mobile X-ray cabinets offer the best power-to-weight ratio in the market. The units can be utilized even in a small facility. High resolution detectors are available in a range of sizes (and prices) in a compact, truly mobile unit. Monitors and dosimeters ensure accurate radiation measurements even if using low energy units.

Detecting technologies for medical examiners and forensic research
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