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Detecting Technologies and Products


RTUTec is focused on detecting technologies. We provide innovative technological solutions for Detection, Testing, Diagnosis and Research & Development.

The Enovasense system measures thickness without contact with the part. Laser and infrared sensors are used to analyse the coating from a distance of 5 to 20 cm.This means that parts can be measured in their
industrial coating environment, even when they are on moving lines, at high temperatures, still brittle or wet.
Our Innovative Thermographic Devices easily integrate to your smart-phone and provide outstanding images at a fraction of the cost of dedicated Devices. Enjoy all the image functions, such as zooming, recording and sharing, with simple finger gestures from your Smartphone
We offer a full arsenal equipment for concrete testing conducted with various technologies to measure diverse indicators. Whether measuring electrical resistivity, temperature, humidity or mapping reinforcements and cables, testing is conducted quickly and efficiently 
Here you will find testing,  measuring and safety devices that enable NDT operators to validate the quality of their products and maintain their safety. Our Survey meters, dosimeters and monitors are top notch equipment for ensuring staff and operator safety when conducting Radiographic tests. The Meters are extremely sensitive and are designed to read and measure even the smallest amount of radiation (such as from Pulsed X-ray units).
XRF spectrometers are instruments that perform elements composition analysis and are used in the industry and in research for materials identification, valuation, and regulatory compliance. An XRF spectrometer provides simultaneous analysis of a wide range of elements. Handheld versions provide the addition benefits of portability for use in any environment.
Met-L-Chek manufactures visible and fluorescent penetrants, magnetic particles, and filtered particles (inspection of ceramics). Our products are known and used all around the world and meet or exceed military, civilian and corporate specifications. Please feel free to contact us for more details.
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