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Kubscan computerized radiography scanner
Bone X-ray images taken with Kubscan CR imaging device

Product Dimensions:

Width:  112 cm (44")


Depth: 31 cm (12")


Height: 59 cm (23") 





Imaging Plates Sizes: 

20 cm X 24.5 cm (8" X 10")

24.5 cm X 30.5 cm (10" X 12")

35.5 cm X 43 cm (14" X 17")


Kubscan CR


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to your imaging needs and with minimal alteration of your working habits, when comparing ti film - then computerized radiography (CR) scanners are the answer. Traditional films can be upgraded to digital capabilities at minimal cost and with a minimal alternation to working processes.


The CR scanner uses phosphor imaging plates. This plates are inserted in cassettes similar to films and then imaging continues according to the standard film X-ray work-flow; only that instead of having to develop the film with hazardous chemicals, the imaging plates are digitally scanned. There is no storage space, as all the images are digitally stored and the imaging plates are erased and re-used once the image has been documented.


The high resolution, high contrast images, can facilitate highest level of detail detection. With the Kubtec software, you can enjoy all the image analysis, annotation and recording features you will find with all the Kubtec units. The Kubscan is especially designs to suit research, forensic and NDT applications.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


Computerized radiography is an environmentally friendly solution. Image plates are durable and can be reused so that the environmental footprint of the system is a small one. Storage space is minimal. CR imaging also makes sense economically, as it provides radiography technicians with digital capabilities at minimal training and work-flow alternations. The Kubscan unit is small and easily placed in any laboratory. It can be placed on a desk or be mounted on a wall. The software is DICOM compatible for full functionality.




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Tech Spec:

Power: 100-240V AC/ 2.5A max; 47-63Hz (Universal Power Supply)


Scanning Resolution: over 20 lp/mm,

Adjustment of camera settings based on plate line pairs 


User Interface: Touch screen monitor, icon based interface


DICOM Compliant: Annotate, Store, Print, Modality Work List



Unit equipped with computer, touch screen monitor 


Cart available


Wall mountable

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Images Copyright  © 2015 KUB Technologies, Inc. of which RTUTec is a distributor

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