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KUB-250 low dose X-ray unit designed for NICU

Product Dimensions:

Width:  61 cm (24")


Depth: 61 cm (24")


Height: 198 cm (78") 



Product Weight:

32 Kg (70 lbs) 

Cart weight: 45 Kg ( 100 lbs)



Detector Sizes: 

5 cm X 10 cm (2" X 4")

7.6 cm X 10 cm (3" X 5")


Why use KUB-250 for enhanced neonatal patient care

KUB 250


A NICU dedicated X-ray system is about saving the lives of the tiniest and most helpless of patients. Premature born babies are especially vulnerable and their care requires special equipment. This is no exception when considering X-ray imaging requirements of neonatal care. As babies in NICU are exposed to frequent X-ray tests, as part of their care routine, patient care levels can be improved if a designated neonatal imaging unit, a KUB 250, is used.


KUB 250 can operate a whole day on one battery charge. Its small structure and light weight make is especially mobile for the high convenience of the NICU staff. The dose level of the KUB 250 is reduced to up to 40% of regular imaging equipment, thus enhancing the safety of both patients and staff, as well as insuring better long term clinical outcomes by avoiding exposure to high levels of radiation 


Because the system is designated to the NICU, cross contamination form other departments in the hospital can be avoided, once again improving patient care levels and safety. The availability of the unit exclusively for neonatal care improves the imaging throughput and the decision making work-flow. The CMOS detector enables image resolution of 96 microns, for extra fine detail detection. Images can be easily acquired, analyzed and annotated and then seamlessly transfered to PACS due to DICOM compatible software. The KUB 250 combined with XTEND portable X-ray source are the ideal mobile NICU imaging system.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


KUB 250 is a small size unit, which is not only highly mobile,  but it also is designed especially for NICU. This means the imaging can take place without moving the baby, who remains safe in the incubator. The images are of the highest resolution for finest detail detection and are acquired with especially low dose. The work-flow is more efficient, throughput is increased and patient care levels are improved for better long term outcomes. 



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Tech Spec:

Energy Range: 40-100 kV


Tube Current: up to 30 mA


Window Filtration: 2.5 mm Aluminum


Power: 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Spatial Resolution: 5.2 lp/mm, contact mode (96 micron resolution)


Focal Spot: 1.2 mm X 1.2 mm


User Interface: Touch screen monitor, icon based interface


DICOM Compliant: Annotate, Store, Print, Modality Work List

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Neonatal radiology images taken with Kub-250

Images Copyright  © 2015 KUB Technologies, Inc. of which RTUTec is a distributor

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