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Labino AB is the world‘s leading manufacturer of UV and White Light products as well as Alternative Light Sources. We supply customized products that satisfy the needs of a wide range of applications, non-destructive testing, leak detection, clean room, crime scene investigation, art restoration, UV Curing, agriculture and more. At our R&D facility in Stockholm we processes all market feedback, we thoroughly investigate the specific needs of every industry and design unique products that address them. All new product releases are based on fresh ideas based on requests from and brainstorming with end users. Download the full Catalog here or feel free to contact us for more details.
Baugh & Weedon Ltd is a trusted supplier of MPI equipment to the NDT industry. Their MPI benches have a proven track record for reliability and durability, and are in daily use by most of the leading UK Aerospace companies. The benches are available in varying sizes, a wide range of magnetising modes and current waveforms with a variety of accessories and ancillary equipment. Their design allows the freedom to build benches to individual specifications offering the optimum combination of technical and commercial satisfaction. Download the Catalog here or feel free to contact us for more details.
Met-L-Chek is an approved manufacturer and supplier of liquid penetrant inspection materials under SAE QPL AMS 2644 by the United States Air Force. Our liquid penetrant and magnetic particle materials are certified to meet the requirements of AMS, ASTM, ASME, ISO, DoD specifications and trusted by Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and more. Fluorescent penetrants are used in inspection procedures where the greatest level of crack detection is required. The sensitivity of the inspection is increased as a result of UV-A light (315–400 nm) that causes fluorescent dyes to glow, thereby enhancing any penetrant in an indication open to the surface. More details can be found here.
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