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Pathology On-Site Specimen Imaging Tests


RTUTec provides pathology laboratories with innovative specimen imaging systems that make their jobs easier. Cutting edge imaging techniques enable precise pin pointing of the target when conducting a cut down of large specimens. Specimen analysis time is shortened, costs reduced and patient care levels and operations throughput is increased.


The ability to conduct specimen analysis in the pathology lab is no longer a dream! Compact mobile digital radography systems enable full integration of high end specimen imaging into the laboratory. The systems offer an optical camera for additional information enabling the comparison between the external and X-ray image of the specimen. Comprehensive analysis can help the pathologist to better detect the exact location of the cancer! RTUTec provides pathologists and surgeons equipment that makes their job easier to do.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Digital radiography systems in various sizes and price range are available and they are truly mobile. Due to a relatively small footprint, they can be integrated into the lab even when placed in tight places. The detectors size ranges from a 5X5cm (2"X2") detector to 43X43cm (17"X17") detector (which is large enough to X-ray a torso). Rapid acquisition, high resolution, high contrast imaging brings new levels of efficiency and detail into the pathology lab. Cutting edge software tools enable on the spot analysis of the specimen and comprehensive documentation. The system is shielded for operator safety and is compliant with radiology safety regulations.

Detecting technologies for pathological laboratories
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