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Cutting Edge Radiation Meters & Dosimeters


The radiation meters from Rotem are the only devices on the market that can detect extremly low radiation, such as emitted from pulsed X-ray sources. This allows for significantly improved technician safety.


Ped Blue Personal Dosimeter PED Detecting Radiation.jpg

Tracerco has designed the PEDs to be the easiest
personal radiation monitors on the market to use
and understand. Everything on the devices has
been designed with the user in mind. The display
system features radiation graph measurements
and a simple diagram of a person who fills with
colour, depending on the dose of radiation
received. All of our PEDs include weather, shock
and drop proof housings, a smooth, clean design
and simple to use. Download catalog here, 

Video 1  here. Video 2 here

The RAM-ION is a portable ION chamber survey meter which provides high accuracy measurements of dose rates, as well as integrated dose of Gamma, X-ray and Beta radiation. The accuracy of the device enables it to register enegy levels as low as few nanoseconds X-ray bursts, such as those emmited by a pulsed X-ray source. Ram-ION combines the display of both a smoothed digital readout for minimum fluctuation and a two decade analog bar graph for fastresponse.

Download catalog here.

Radiation measurement in nuclear facilities
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