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Cutting Edge Radiation Meters & Dosimeters


The radiation meters from Rotem are the only devices on the market that can detect extremly low radiation, such as emitted from pulsed X-ray sources. This allows for significantly improved technician safety.


PDS Go is a small, personal Gamma radiation detector, designed to meet ANSI N42.32 & 42.33 radiation requirements. This portable device is especially handy for professionals involved in sensitive installations in public areas. The device has two parallel LCD displays and comes with a user belt and cradle. It weighs only 125 grams. Supplying power and communications enhances the instrument to become a highly sensitive fixed area monitor for presence and magnitude of gamma radiation.

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The RAM-ION is a portable ION chamber survey meter which provides high accuracy measurements of dose rates, as well as integrated dose of Gamma, X-ray and Beta radiation. The accuracy of the device enables it to register enegy levels as low as few nanoseconds X-ray bursts, such as those emmited by a pulsed X-ray source. Ram-ION combines the display of both a smoothed digital readout for minimum fluctuation and a two decade analog bar graph for fastresponse.

Download catalog here.

Radiation measurement in nuclear facilities
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