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Protecting Your Staff


As awareness for operator safety is on a continuous rise, stricter safety policies stretch technological solutions to new boundaries of detection. RTUTec specializes in finding products that have redefined those limits.


With safety requirements and procedures becoming more and more elaborate, in working environments that are more complex than ever, simple yet innovative equipment is key in protecting employees and testing staff. A comprehensive monitoring solution, with products for various applications and measurement levels is conductive for a safer working environment of NDT operators in all fields and industries.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

The survey meters (dosimeters) provided by RTUTec are the only devices able to accurately read the radiation emitted from pulsed X-ray sources. This low dose, yet of high energy (kV), has been until now, impossible to measure accurately. Now a true picture of operator safety can be reached, as it is assured that even low dose levels are measured and are indeed registered. 


Cutting edge radiation monitors facilitate maintaining a radiation free zone for employees around the testing facilities; portable monitoring solutions ensure correct radiation measurements also when testing is conducted in the field. Safety barrier zones can be reduced thus minimizing the disturbances to non related working crews nearby. Thanks to new technological monitoring solutions, the working conditions of the NDT operator become safer in combination with testing efficiency and operations ROI.

Detecting technologies for operator safety
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