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NDT - Oil and Gas


RTUTec specializes in equipment that is intended for field non destructive testing (NDT). Testing pipelines, while bringing the equipment on site and achieving immediate results is imperative. Informed repair and maintenance decisions improve throughput and reduce costs.


Non destructive testing is conducted in the oil and gas industry to ensure the operation and functionality of the manufacturing facilities . As oil, gas and other substances flow through the pipes, a natural erosion and corrosion process occurs. Pipelines are to be found in the harshest of environments, from freezing ice to hot and sandy deserts. Thousands of meters of pipelines need to be kept in a high maintenance standard despite the expected level of wear and hard weather conditions. A strict maintatance routine is the key to keeping the line operational and production going, thus avoiding pipeline shutdown and the costs such an action entails. 


So Where is the Technological Twist?

New technologies are helping to bring testing equipment of the highest quality to the field. Testing is now conducted on the pipes, valves, joints etc, on site, in all weather conditions. Results are immediate and maintenance crews can act upon updated information. Documentation and data search are easily conducted using digital tools allowing for exact follow-up. Repairs can now be monitored as testing locations are documented in detail.


RTUTec provides the NDT specialists with field ready equipment. From portable Digital Radiography (DR) systems and portable X-ray sources to innovative thermographic devices, monitoring equipment and dosimeters that measure the lowest of dose levels (including accurate measurement from Pulsed X-ray units). All these devices enable a new standard of field NDT.

RTUTec is a Pro Energy affiliate

The Pro-Energy Affiliates Project


The Pro-Energy Affiliates  are a group of NDT and MRO professionals, which is one of the more powerful and knowledgeable groups of service providers.  The group members, of which RTUTec is one,  work together in full collaboration to execute complex projects worldwide,for  leading oil and gas companies as well as in other energy related fields.

Detecting technologies for oil and gas pipelines testing  and maintenance
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