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Metal Casting & Plastic Injection Molds NDT

RTUTec provides you with innovative casting and injection quality control equipment, which enable fast and comprehensive control, detecting defects beneath the surface of the cast.


Casting Quality

X-ray is a well known tool for quality control of casted parts. Digital X-ray, brings this quality control method to new levels of detection and throughput. Whether an aluminum casting or a plastic injection mold, defects and air bubbles of the tiniest dimensions can be detected quickly even if they are located in the middle of the inspected item. Portable X-ray sources can facilitate testing of large items and in any location on the production line. Mobile X-ray cabinets enable batch testing and can be stationed in the vicinity of the production line. Results are immediately available and defect items can be efficiently sorted out. Survey  meters, also known as Radiation Monitors measure radiation levels in the testing areas and help ensure operator safety.



The automotive industry required comprehensive testing of various casted parts. The digital X-ray systems are compatible with industry cast testing standards, and tuned for the detection of the special cast defects this industry searches for. The systems can be located in any part of the production line, for effective testing on the spot. Mobile digital radiology cabinets enable batch testing for maximum consistency. 


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Digital X-ray is the high end testing method for casting parts. With easy to use software tools, small defect can be recorded. Throughput is significantly improved as the time consuming process of  film is eliminated. A digital database enables documentation and sharing of the images in all parts of the production line. Portability of the equipment enables its placement for control in the exact spot in the production space as well as its movement to other locations in case of need.

Detecting technologies for testing of casting
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