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Ship Building NDT


RTUTec provides shipyards with the latest in modern testing equipment, allowing for significantly improved testing throughput in a competitive industry.



Modern ships manufacturing is a high cost oriented industry. Shipyards struggle to produce high quality ships faster and with lower operation costs. The industry requires strict quality control of weld junctions in the ship's hull. Therefore, utilization of cutting edge testing equipment is key to a successful and profitable shipyard. With employee unions stronger than ever, safety is also a key factor in shipyard operations.


Digital radiography testing systems enable shipyards to conduct the required and comprehensive welding quality tests quickly. With portable digital radiography and portable X-ray sources on rechargeable batteries with wireless communication, ship welds of all lengths and in any location can be tested efficiently. Results are available in real-time on screen and the production managers can incorporate in-production immediate corrections, if needed.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Innovative testing solutions facilitate an efficient and effective shipyards production operations within budget guidelines. Cutting edge digital radiography systems bring new scales of testing throughput into shipyards. With high quality imaging that is provided with lower X-ray dose levels and shorter imaging times, area closures and production disturbances are greatly reduced.  


The welds quality control can be conducted in parallel to the actual production. Repairs are therefore immediate, preventing unnecessary production delays. Night shifts' costs are significantly reduced, because tests can also be conducted in the day. Documentation of images is comprehensive and easily shared for enhanced analysis. Innovative dosimeters and monitors can record even the lowest of dose levels, allowing for improved safety for testing and production personnel. 

Detecting technologies for shipyards welding quality control
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