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Transmission Lines and Electric Equipment


RTUTec provides testing equipment for field NDT in challenging conditions on Electric infrastructure. With aging infrastructure and increased loads to keep up with demand, regular testing of transmission lines and facilities is imperative to keeping the energy service flowing. 


Portable NDT systems and devices, utilizing various measurement technologies are key to a true maintenance routine and high operations standard of power and energy facilities. High chimneys, tall power-towers and miles of transmission lines all compose the elaborate challenge of testing a complex facility. RTUTec provides innovative portable testing solutions that can be brought to any testing point, no matter how high or how far it is located. Testing can be done in rough weather conditions, results are instantaneous and always stored in a uniform platform. Repair decisions can be made and conducted on the spot, enabling effectiveness of operations and ensuring high level of maintenance. 


So Where is the Technological Twist?

RTUTec delivers top notch field NDT equipment. True portable NDT equipment is a relatively new technology with tremendous advantages. Complex high-end technologies enable the simple action of taking the testing equipment to any location and conducting reliable tests in rough environmental conditions. Portable digital radiography systems and thermographic devices provide exceptional insights for power technicians. Innovative dosimeters and monitors ensure the safety of the operators. 

Detecting technologies for power-lines inspection
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