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Munitions NDT 

RTUTec provides a variety of innovative equipment for the testing of production munitions as well as for the inspection of stored items and unexploded ordanance. Modern portable digital radiography systems combine small foot print, high penetration and repeatability needed for this field. 


When manufacturing munitions, its highly important to have comprehensive quality control. From material integrity (especially for the explosive components) to the correct assembly of the munitions and up to ensuring that the ordanace's fuse has not shifted within the product - radiographic testing of the highest level is required every step of the way. Unexploded ordnance shares the factor of the unknown detonator status with munitions in production, only this time detecting a fault may save lives of many innocent people. Munitions are, however, typically made with thick layers of steel, so testing is not easy. The highest quality of imaging combined with high penetration is the key to successful control.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

RTUTec provides munitions manufacturers and military storing facilities with innovative testing equipment for a variety of needs. Whether its mobile X-ray cabinets for quality control in the production line or portable digital radiography systems and portable X-ray sources for inspection of unexploded ordinance in the field. The mobile X-ray cabinets offer the highest power-to-weight ratio combined with highest resolution detectors. Various ports and joystick-like controls allow for easy handling of the inspected items. A conveyor option is also available for batch testing. Easy to use software ensures uniform and repeatable testing procedures. 


Cutting edge portable digital radiography systems with highest penetration levels (80mm of steel with a Pulsed X-ray source) allow for comprehensive testing in any location, in the production line or in a storage facility and even out in the field under harsh weather conditions. Dosimeters and monitors provide testing operators with an extra layer of radiation safety. We bring high-end, non destructive testing to your location.

Detecting technologies for munitions production and storage
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