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Aerospace NDT


RTUTec brings to you certified equipment for testing in the aerospace industry. Whether in manufacturing or maintenance, highest quality equipment is protecting the lives of air crew and passengers alike. Innovative equipment brings testing to new levels.


Aerospace Manufacturing


Aerospace manufacturing is a complex process with many different materials, metallic and composites whom require various approaches and different technologies. All the components of an aircraft are tested for the tiniest defects. Portable testing equipment can help conduct tests in every step of the manufacturing and of all shapes and sizes, on the spot. With digital equipment the quality of testing is significantly improved while overall testing time is reduced. Documentation is easily done and information is easy to find and share. Modern testing tools save storage costs and enable uniform testing procedures. 


Commercial Airlines


In an ever increasing competitive environment, modern testing equipment can help commercial airlines keep the levels of maintenance high while improving their operations cost. As testing requirements become more and more intensive, innovative solutions help airlines keep up. Modern solutions for staff protection help companies improve employee safety within the planned budget.


So Where is the Technological Twist?


RTUTec offers innovative technologies for various aerospace testing applications. Portable digital radiography systems enable detection of hairline cracks and contribute to maintaining an environmentally friendly testing lab with excellent ROI. Portable X-ray sources provide high resolution with a lower dose for improved safety. Thermographic devices help detecting various defects without the use of radiation. RTUTec provides NDT equipment for the aerospace industry that is ready for field use. Working independently on batteries and with wireless communication, enables easy testing in any location, with best quality results.


Detecting technologies for aerospace and composite material testing
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