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Life Sciences and Research


RTUTec was provides innovative technologies with a twist for life sciences research and testing applications. Technological innovations help create a whole new range of quality results and new insights.

Life Sciences and Research
Life sciences and research

New technology is making research more efficient and results more effective.

Results can be presented in real-time and the diagnosis is not impaired due to a speedy analysis process. Priceless archeological and art artifacts can be researched and evaluated descretely in situ. Forensic evidence is collected on site and analysed with modern equipment providing high efficiency and minimal contamination.


Records are easily shared via digital tools. Searching for data and documentation have never been simpler.  Thanks to innovative tools and solutions research can reach new boundaries and advance into uncharted waters. 

New technology is making veterinary practices ever more versatile and proactive.  Animal care is improved as testing becomes faster and more comprehensive. Workflows are improved and care decisions are made on cutting edge information.


Inspections of large animals can take place on location using the most innovative equipment. Shortened workflows insure high efficiency even in intensive inspection schedules. Results and diagnosis are easily shared and discussed for comprehensive treatment on the spot.

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