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Veterinary Testing and Treatment


RTUTec rises to the challenge of supplying vets the high end equipment they require for comprehensive treatment of animals. True portability on one hand and integration into the lab on the other, is what makes a true veterinary inspection system a cutting edge solution. 


Equine Veterinary

Large animal veterinarians face the challenge of inspecting the animals in various locations, because it is much easier to bring the vet to the animal than vice versa. Equine vets are no exception to this rule, and they are frequent travelers. However, equine vets have additional challenges, as the work-flow of inspection, analysis and action becomes more demanding and intensive. An equine vet is expected to provide comprehensive treatment to the animals on site. Mistakes are not tolerated and inspection routine is highly intensive. Documentation and history are also important factors for correct analysis. X-ray is one of the most important tools for assessing a horse's health. The equine vet operates a portable examination and treatment lab/clinic in his vehicle, in order to meet the requirement of his demanding clientèle.


Veterinary for Small Animals

There is no person in the world who would not react to the suffering of a wounded dog or cat. Small animals, whether pets or wild, are constantly being hurt in the modern urban scenery, in which they live. Inspection and treatment of these animals needs to be quick and with as little pain as possible. Small animal vets require modern equipment that can help diagnose the exact condition and treat it quickly and effectively. Testing equipment such as portable X-ray, ultrasound and thermographic devices are an important part of the veterinarian's clinic.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

The challenges faced by a veterinarian when inspecting animals can be made easier by innovative inspection equipment. Portable digital radiography systems enable animal inspection in remote locations. Diagnostic excellence is based on the ability to take high resolution images in seconds. Advanced software analysis tools functions ensure that the resulting images,  can be recorded and stored in a digital database to create a comprehensive history for each animal.  


High end thermographic images are a safe (no radiation) method for inspecting animals. Our equipment ensures exact thermal measurement for precise analysis of the animal's condition. Multiple color pallets as well as automatic and manual temperature scales ensure comprehensive results. Images are recorded with video and sound and can easily be shared through our smartphones as well as having the ability to export the files to a lab PC for deeper analysis.


Low frequency therapeutic ultrasound devices help treat inflammation and accelerate tissue repair by enhancing drug diffusion and stimulating natural healing processes. The treatment is fast, safe and painless. The ultrasonic equipment is portable and enables a dynamic treatment approach aimed at optimizing time of rehabilitation and recovery.

Detecting technologies for veterinarian examination and treatment
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