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The Art of NDT


The inspection of priceless artifacts is a complex process, in which ensuring no damage to the inspected item is top priority. RTUTec provides innovative solutions for reliable top quality results.  


The art community demands discretion. They also require authentication,visualization of layers, fraud negation and reconstruction know-how among other needs that NDT techniques offer to the art community. Testing of various artifacts in all kinds of locations are conducted on a regular basis. From antiques and mummies in a museum, via fossils in the desert, to paintings in galleries, restoration workshops and in collector's homes. The materials and testing conditions are ever changing. Results often need to be on the spot while reliable and of high quality. Records needs to be strictly kept and shared with different parties in full discretion.


So Where is the Technological Twist?

RTUTec's top notch NDT solutions for art and archeology, enable performing inspections in Labs, with fixed equipment, as well as unique, portable, battery operated equipments which brings the testing equipment to the priceless piece. Digital X-ray Cabinets, Portable DR and CR systems along with Portable X-ray sources are some of the equipment we offer. The portable equipment is light, wireless and has a small footprint, thus creating a minimal disturbance in the vicinity of the artifact, yet facilitating its comprehensive inspection. CR systems offer flexible phosphor plates ("re-usable Film") ,which are easily inserted in confined places. Testing on-location ensures full discretion and reduced operation costs of insurance and logistics involved in transporting of such rare items. Combined with modern software analysis tools, these systems enable true learning of the techniques in which the artifact has been created and how it is to be preserved. RTUTec provides modern technologies for the documentation of priceless traditions. 

Detecting technologies to research priceless artifacts
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