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Non Isotope Irradiation for Agriculture


RTUTec provides innovative safe solutions for irradiation of food, seeds, animals and materials for agriculture and commercial applications. Simple to operate, our irradiators do not require X-ray training.


The process irradiation entails exposing specimens of food, seeds, animals or materials to high levels of ionizing radiation for the purpose of sterilization, changing chemical characteristics and modern agriculture applications such as sterile insect pest control and crop strain production. The main challenge in this field is control of radiation levels and operator safety. The move to non-isotopic irradiation is a major step towards simplifying the procedures and facilitating higher control and safety levels. Our irradiators offer maximum flexibility, as they are suited for various applications. 


So Where is the Technological Twist?

Our irradiators do not require NRC licensing as they are based on high-frequency electrically generated X-ray. The small foot print, varying sizes and true mobility of the units suggest comprehensive thinking where the end user is concerned. No X-ray training is required to operate our systems and they are suitable for a range of applications including animal, cell and seed irradiation for scientific research applications or commercial material component testing. Our irradiators come with a range of accessories to facilitate uniform, repeatable irradiation with controlled radiation doses. The cabinets are well shielded for maximum operator safety

Non Isotope irradiation for research and agriculture
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