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XPERT 160 enclosed digital X-ray cabinet

Product Dimensions:

Width:  121.9 cm (48")


Depth: 101.6 cm (40")


Height: 182.9 cm (72") 



System Weight:

1905 Kg (4200 lbs)


Imaging Chamber Dimensions:

Width:  76.2 cm (30")


Depth: 76.2 cm (30")


Height: 101.6 cm (40") 


Detector Sizes: 

5 cm X 5 cm (2" X 2")

5 cm X 10 cm (2" X 4")

10 cm X 10 cm (4" X 4")

12 cm X 15 cm (5" X 6")

20 cm X 20 cm (8" X 8")

40 cm X 04 cm (16" X 16")

43 cm X 43 cm (17" X 17")




The Kubtec XPERT 160 is a large-size, multi-purpose mobile X-ray cabinet system for pathology, research and industry applications. The system is able to support 16 bit detectors of various sizes, from 5cmX5 cm (2"X2") to 43cmX43cm (17"X17") for viewing large specimens in one image. The high quality images are easily acquired, stored an analyzed with a user friendly software.


The system is easily located in any pathology or forensics laboratory, as it comes with a standard AC connection and is a closed and shielded unit. XPERT 160 can provide immediate X-ray images of the highest quality. Precise location of areas of interest, measurements and annotations are easily conducted. Information from an optical camera are easily acquired to complete the analysis.


The system is easy to start up with almost no warm-up time. It offers a closed cabinet with a programmable manipulator with optional joystick control. The cabinet offers ports for various equipment, cables and monitoring devices as well as fans and vents to dissipate heat and ventilate the chamber. The units is fully compliant with international, US Federal and State radiation and safety regulations.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


The XPERT 160 is available with a small focal spot 160kV and up to 4500 watts X-ray source, thus providing brighter images with high contrast for detailed detection. Micro focus and soft X-ray applications are also available. The optical camera is a special feature available in the entire XPERT series. The 16 bit digital X-ray detectors combined with Kubtec's special software enable analysis of multiple frames of information in one image within seconds of its acquirement.  Analog and CR based systems are also available and the software is DICOM compatible.


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Tech Spec:

Energy Range: 0-160 kV (450kV output sources also available)


Tube Current: up to 4500 watts


Window Filtration: 0.005" Beryllium


Power: 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA


Beam Angle: 45° divergence


Geometric Magnification: Up to 5X 


User Interface: Touch screen monitor, icon based interface


DICOM Compliant: Annotate, Store, Print, Modality Work List

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Images Copyright  © 2015 KUB Technologies, Inc. of which RTUTec is a distributor

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