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RTUTec specializes in bringing to its clients the most innovative technical solutions in various detection applications. This section is dedicated to providing updated and cutting edge information and news about the fields in which RTUTec is active. 

Information and updates about detecting technologies and innovations
Updates and News


Stay tuned to what is happening in the world of detecting technologies. From new product launches to industry insights and specialist interviews. Articles and snippets galore! 

DR Tips and Tricks


Ron Pincu's special knowhow of RT (radiographic testing) with more than 20 years of experience, and in recent years focused on DR (digital radiography) is brought to you in  a series of tips and tricks for RT/NDT operators and users of digital X-ray equipment. 

NDT Methods Review


With more than 20 years of NDT expertise and considerable contribution to developing innovative equipment for NDT applications, Ron Pincu summarizes the major NDT techniques available today. 

Professional Articles


RTUTec is happy to aggregate professional articles and texts from industry experts in the variety of applications, in which advanced technical solutions and innovative equipment as well as ideas ideas play a significant role. 

Interesting Links


In the interesting links page you will find links to relevant societies and organizations in the fields, in which RTUTec is active. From Clinical radiology to NDT societies and research centers. 

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