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Upcoming events, news for the industry and relevant actual information.

Xray vision research at MIT
X-ray Vision Research at MIT, Not Just for Superheros. 

December 22, 2015


The incredible product, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, uses WiFi signals to detect people through walls and track their movements.

RISE new radiology teaching platform
Breast cancer awareness month
medical devices
RTUTec Website goes live!
DIAC Diagnostic and intervention cardiology
RISE Platform Allows Global Teaching; Launches at RSNA. 

December 4, 2015


RISE: Radiology International Student Educational Platform, a technology platform that enables live virtual radiology lectures for international radiology residents is among the first grant recipients at RSNA. 

Oncology Department Lit up in Pink. 

October 12, 2015


Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv lit up its buildings in a bright pink hue, as a tribute to the breast cancer awareness month.  The hospital chose to light up the building , in which its oncology facilites are located. The tall building is visible from afar. 

Why Health Tech Companies Should NOT Emulate Apple

October 4, 2015


The aspiration to emulate Apple  is good and noble. If fulfilled, the company is providing customers with things they want and love, improving healthcare, and making money. However, there is a strong case for not emulating Apple any more, because at Apple, beauty is coming at the expense of function. On the other hand, the quest for simplicity of use and avoiding over engineering is also of importance. For the medical device industry, the challenges are even greater because of the inherent complexity of most medical devices. 

New Website: RTUTec Website Goes Live

August 20, 2015


RTUTec website is finally live and on-line. "After months of preparations, we are finally happy to announce the new website and to invite our customers and other interested parties to review the wide arsenal of products we offer" says Ron Pincu, RTUTec Founder. "This is a new era for me" he adds. RTUTec specializes in innovative detecting technologies for clinical, NDT, industrial and veterinary applications.

Border security X-ray detects boy inside suitcase
Specimen radiology poster presented by Dr. Kaufman et al. 2015.
Grey's anatomy saved my life post on Facebook
"TV Series Saved my Life", Claims Breast Cancer Survivor

May 18, 2015,7340,L-4658436,00.html


Israeli breast cancer survivors claims that watching an episode of the American TV series "Grey's Anatomy" alerted her to the possibility that she may be suffering from breast cancer symptoms. She is currently recovering from radiation therapy.

Surprising Discovery for Spanish Border Controllers

May 9, 2015


Spanish border controllers at Ceuta were surprised to detect an eight year old child inside a suitcase. The good news is the child is alive. The child was allegedly smuggled from Morroco.

Dr. Kaufman Poster
New Website Educates Physicians on Their Radiation Risks

June 5, 2015


After years of trying to regulate and reduce the radiation risk of patients during treatment, now the health industry is turning its attention to the cumulative effect the exposure to radiation has on physicians and other hospital staff. A new site has launched in the effort to educate physicians regarding their own inherent risks.

BINDT British institute of non destructive testing
RSNA Radiological Society of North America
Intra-Operative Digital Specimen Tomosynthesis - Early Report Poster By Dr. Kaufman et al, Presented at ASBrS.

May 1, 2015


Kubtec MOZART 3D digital specimen tomosyntheis system features in a poster presented at NCoBC in March 2015 and ASBrS in May 2015 by Dr. Kaufman et al.  3D tomosynthesis provides intra-operative review of consecutive separate slices in video format,  anatomic orientation of close margins and immediate analysis for re-excision as needed.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Advanced NDT

April 8, 2015


Are advanced NDT methods, which also tend to be more expensive, really worth it? This article suggest how to make the most of these technologies.

TNT the NDT Technician Magazine
Industry Insights - Ron Pincu and Ofra Kleinberger discussing NDT
Soulful Creatures at the Brooklyn Museum
Art World Draws on Imaging to Examine Ancient Artifacts
March 01, 2015


Museum curators rely on various technologies to examine and evaluate artifacts. CT and X-ray imaging is taking center stage, as presented in a session in 2014 RSNA annual meeting.

Breast Cancer - The Best App Award

May 27, 2014


Learn more about breast cancer smart-phone apps on. This article reviewes the 15 top apps for breast cancer patients.

NDT of a Rare Crusader Sword

April 2, 2014


Learn more about how digital radiography was used as part of a research to discover the manufacturing techniques and time of an ancient and rare crusader sword, written by Dr. Oz Golan et al, with images taken by Ron Pincu. Download Vol. 13, No. 2.

NDT Industry Insights - an Interview with Ron Pincu

November 4, 2013


Learn more about digital radiography and its use in non destructive testing applications in various fields and industries.

Soulful Creatures: Animal Mummies in Ancient Egypt

January 1, 2013


Exhibition at the Brooklyn museum which not only displays exquisite mummies from ancient Egypt, but also demonstrates the elaborate research, inspection and restoration process, which the museums undertakes to conduct. Digital radiography plays a major role. Touring also to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and the Bowers Museum. 

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