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Ultrasonic Devices for Physioterapeutic Treatment


BAC innovative concept of utilizing ultrasound for physiotherapy is behind a revolutionary system series. With unique solutions to cater to both people and equine, BAC offers an extraordinary versatility of devices, utilizing ultrasonic and RF waves in innovative ways.


Sirio Ultrasonic Device

SIRIO is designed to relieve various human pathologies of muscles and soft tissues. The device makes the most of low frequency ultrasound features for para-medical physiotherapeutic treatment. The device offers various types of transducers with software that continuously modifies the produced oscillatory motions and hardware that modifies the type of sound emission from the probes. The result is a synergy of diathermy and mechanic effects. SIRIO adapts to patient protocol and a wide range of frequencies can be achieved with  the same generator. SIRIO is thus the electro-medical device able to offer treatment to a the wider range of diseases.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


SIRIO is designed to turn electric energy into acoustic pressure waves. It has a micro-processor to help monitor its performance, making it a safe and reliable product. due to a proprietary technology of manufacturing and setting of its transducers, SIRIO produces a combined mechanical, thermal, cavication and shock wave effect on human tissue for a deep yet painless treatment. This device is perfect to treat muscle injuries, from soreness to elongation, up to 2nd degree muscle injuries. 

Tech Spec:

Type of Device:  38 kHz +/-2 Ultrasound device


Conformity and Standards:  93/42/CEE, 2007/47/CE


Power Supply: 24 VDC – 2.9 A


Supply Voltage:  100/240 V - 50/60 Hz


Absorbed Power: 60 W max.


Display:  LED back-light touch screen


Dimensions: 315 mm X 220 mm X 220mm


Weight: ~4.7 Kg 


Transducer Hand Probe Size:  Ø 50 mm / 19.6 cm2


Hand Probe Weight: ~700 gr


IEC 60601-1 Classification:  Class II, Application parts BF Type, IP X0

Galaxy pressotherapy system

GALAXY is a pressotherapy device. Pressotherapy is a treatment using pressure and compression and it is widely used in aesthetic and medical treatment of cellulite, swelling, localized adipose tissue and abnormal fluid retention. The GALAXY device offers a computer-controlled compression garment with calibration of the pressure exerted by each single air chamber on the patient's body for a maximized effective treatment and highest comfort and care levels.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


GALAXY offers exclusive proprietary design of air chambers. It has 8 pressure sectors with 40% overlap and customizable pressure levels for each air chamber.

The device offers intuitive and easy to use display The software has three preset programs, but pressure can be continuously modified and adjusted with ease. The start-to-end execution of a single sequence is 45 seconds. 


Vega radio frequency device

VEGA is a Class IIb medical device which creates A-thermy, Medium-thermy and Diathermy effects on muscles and soft tissues for various physiotheraputic treatments. The principle of this device is to cause thermal increase in organic tissue by conducting an electric current through them. 

The goal is to provide an adequate amount of energy to the tissue that has to be treated in the most targeted and effective way possible. VEGA is a high-efficiency energy conversion device, and is capable of delivering adequate levels of power in all conditions.

So Where is the Technological Twist?


Radio Frequency (RF) waves are used to create an electric current through human tissue for treatment of various diseases with a monitored and controlled localized increase of temperature. The VEGA device offers a variety of usable bipolar and unipolar electrodes with universal connectors for the probes and reference electrode. The shape and size of the hand probe electrodes are designed for specific types of applications. Calibration, setup, use and monitoring are easily conducted on the touch screen display.


Tech Spec:

Type of Device:  800 kHz +/-2 radio frequency device


Conformity and Standards:  93/42/CEE, 2007/47/CE


Power Supply: 24/48 VDC – 2.9 A


Supply Voltage: 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz


Absorbed Power:  220 W max.


Display:  LED back-light touch screen


Dimensions: 300 mm X 245 mm X 85 mm


Weight: ~3 Kg 


Classification: Class IIb

Sirio ultrasound device for Equines
Sirio Equine

SIRIO EQ device is designed for the treatment of muscular, articular, ligamentous and tendentious conditions in horses with low-frequency ultrasound. The device stimulates the repair processes of nature, thus accelerating healing. SIRIO EQ offers safe, effective, quick and painless treatment for the animals. Five specifically designed hand probes produce a wide range of effects for treating many conditions. Compared to traditional ultrasonic veterinary treating methods, SIRIO EQ produces a deeper action for faster recovery.


So Where is the Technological Twist?


SIRIO EQ produces three effects, which accelerate tissue repair and recovery; Mechanical Vibration, Diathermy and Acoustic Shock Wave. The innovative hand probes specifically designed for this purpose produce a painless therapeutic effect. The probes are controlled by a computer and the oscillatory movements are continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve constant output and a guaranteed safe and high standard of treatment. 


Tech Spec:

Type of Device:  Pressotherapy computer controlled compression system


Protection Fuse: 230 Vac 1.6 A Ret 5x20 mm


Supply Voltage: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz +/- 10%


Power Consumption:  50 W max.


Display: 7" touch screen


Weight (Device): 22 Kg 


Weight (Cart): 8 Kg


Stored Protocols: 3 Wave/peristaltic/sequential + 1 entirely customizable


Number of Sectors: 8



Tech Spec:

Type of Device:  38 kHz +/-2 ultrasound device


Conformity and Standards:  93/42/CEE, 2007/47/CE


Power Supply: 24 VDC – 2.9 A


Supply Voltage: 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz


Absorbed Power:  57 W max.


Display:  LCD touch screen


Dimensions: 300 mm X 200 mm X 70 mm


Weight: ~2.6 Kg 


Transducer Hand Probe Size:  Ø 24.6 mm / 19.86 cm2


Hand Probe Weight: ~700 gr

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