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ThermApp TH turns any Android based smart-phone into a professional thermographic device, complete with night vision, superb image quality, touch screen advantages ad user freindly interface. The application is easy to update via Google play shop. It offers high end options for analys, decumentation , sharing and  reporting. The device is mountable, so it is easy to use with multiple phones and it has low power comsumption. Whether for NDT and maintenance test or for veterinary or security inspections, your smart-phone is turned into a professional termal camera in a few easy steps, thus enhancing your professional offering. Download Brochure Here.

ThermApp TH: Thermographic Camera for Smartphones  


ThermApp TH is an innovative thermal camera which turns any smart-phone into a high end Thermographic camera for NDT, Veterinary and Para-medical applications.



So Where is the Technological Twist?


Just attach the Thermapp to your Android smart-phone and you can conduct thermographic tests at a click of a button. Manual and auto temperature scales are available as well as Video and sound recording. You can apply a digital zoom and use multiple color palettes that are easy to adjust with just a simple finger gesture. Customized text , video annotations complete the documentation options. To top it off, the device allows live streaming from the field to anywhere in the world.


The device is CE and FCC certified.


ThermApp on Smartphone
ThermApp camera and accessories
ThermApp in the box
ThermApp on your smartphone
ThermApp ready to mount
Thermographic image on smart-phone
Thermographic image on smart-phone
Thermographic image on smart-phone
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