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X-ray Sources


RTUTec works with a variety of X-ray Sources manufacturers, allowing us to offer you the most suitable X-ray Source at the most suitable budget, whether it is for your everyday needs or for an urgent project for working in harsh environments.

for Extreme Temperatures
120kv Portable Battery op_edited.jpg
Portable Battery Operated 

The SBK product line offers Rugged, Lightweight, Constant Potential X-ray sources from 160kV - 200kV, with either Directional or Panoramic beams. These X-ray sources can withstand extreme temperatures of +40 degrees Celsius and down to -40 degrees Celsius. Wireless Remote Control, External Battery and AC adaptors are optionally available for further convenience. Download the product Catalog here.

This X-ray source is extremely Portable and Battery operated, allowing ease of use at any site without the need for AC power. This light Duty X-ray source weighs under 6kg and reaches 120kV. Wired and Wireless remote control as well as synchronization with Digital Radiography systems are available Download the product Catalog here.

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