Testing on site with detection technologies

RTUTec is focused on detecting the special technologies and products you need. Come on in!

Clinical and para-medical detection technology for treatment

Whether it's specimen radiography, para-medical ultrasonic therapy or radio wave based treatment, RTUTec provides you with cutting edge technology equipment for medical and para-clinical care and diagnosis.

Testing on site with detection technologies

RTUTec provides High-end Security & Safety Equipment in a Variety of Fields

Featured Detection Products


Detection Technologies on the Web

NDTherm is a new NDT Technique based on Active Thermography. Its main task is inspections of composite materials and structures. The device typically includes a thermal imager, a Light source and an Image processing software with powerful algorithms. It can be used as a as a portable device in the field or as a fixed in-line solution.

The ThermApp Thermal camera  is a device which turns your mobile device into a professional thermographic camera. High-resolution, precise temperature measurements, analysis and sharing has never been  easier. The Device is accompanied with an Android App along with a professional PC analysis and reporting software, to which you can easily export full thermographic data from your phone. 

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