Smart-phone based Thermal Cameras 


Opgal's innovative thermal cameras technology can turn any Smart-phone into a high end thermographic or night vision camera. These portable thermographic devices can detect minor temperature changes from afar as well as locate people in total darkness. Whenever for NDT, Security or Veterinary use, our advanced and affordable cameras are your solution!


ThermApp for Cellphone
ThermApp TH Thermographic Camera
(Industrial / Veterinarian)

The Thermapp TH camera along with the Smart-phone App turns your mobile device into a professional Thermographic Camera. High-resolution, precise temperature measurements, analysis and sharing has never been  easier. The application is completed with a professional PC analysis and reporting software, to which you can easily export full thermographic data from your phone. Line, Spot, High/Low, Area Temperature measurements are all at your fingertips and at an affordable price. Download Brochure Here.

ThermApp for Cellphone
ThermApp HZ 
Night Vision Camera

The Thermapp HZ camera along with the Smart-phone App  turns a mobile device into a high-end Night vision Camera. The sensitive, high resolution sensor allows seeing targets from afar, in total darkness and thanks to a high frame rate of this Camera allows seeing even fast moving targets without blur. Download Brochure Here.

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