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NDTherm Device
NDTherm in case


Active Thermography systems for Composite materials inspections


Opgal's active thermography technology allows for fast real-time inspection during various production or manufacturing stages or during service and maintenance. NDThermTM is designed for one man operation and is safe and easy to use. It is suitable to use for large surfaces, providing efficient damage and defect assessment.


NDT thermographic testing has never been easier or more comprehensive. With Opgal NDTherm, thermographic measurement can be conducted on site, even in a prouction line. NDTherm enables real-time insection of various materials and structures such as CFRP, sandwich structures, hybrids and porous materials, metal and plastic parts. Testing can be conducted by one operator and the device is easily deployed in the field.  NDTherm is designed for inspections during various stages of production or as part of the damage assesment maintenance routine. Thermographic readings can be achieved quickly and safely even if access is possible from only one side. The device is also suited for inspection of large surfaces. Its one-button feature and touchpad display make for simple operation. 

Tech Spec:

NDTherm Measuring Unit

Inspection Area: 400 X 500mm


Operating Distance: 400-500 mm (contact-less: distance between measuring unit and inspected object)


Minimal Flaw Size: 6 mm


Connecting Cable Length: 5 m


Weight (estimated): 8 Kg


Spectral Band: 8-12 μm


Thermal Camera:  640x480 17 μm


Frame Rate:  30 Hz (8.3, 60 Hz. Optional)


Thermal Sensitivity:  < 30 mk.


IR Sources:  4 X 800 Watt, Halogen lamps


Computer Platform

Type: Laptop


Display: 13” Touch panel


Operating System: Win-7

So Where is the Technological Twist?


Opgal NDTherm method provides deeper inspection results due to special algorithms and methodology.  The system can help detect internal flaws in various substrates based on only a minor temperature difference, for enhanced operator safety.

There is no special setup or calibration required - inspection is instantaneous. The configurations are flexible and the device can be used as a manual solution for preset inspections, or as a fixed in-line solution for higher quality detection on the production line. A fully automated XYZ controlled configuration for production quality control is also available.



NDTherm is available is three configurations:


NDThermTM NT: Portable system and fast inspection for in-service applications

NDThermTM FX: Enhanced NDT capabilities for production lines and testing environments

NDThermTM AU: Automated solution for large area or pipeline inspections



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